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 The Foundational Assessment

 A "second opinion" with a functional medicine focus. The foundational assessment is a one-on-one consultation to dive deep into the root cause of your symptoms. We’ll evaluate lab results and discuss your unique symptoms to uncover imbalances that are impacting your health and how you feel.

You will leave with a personalized lifestyle and supplement prescription plan to take with you. If you choose our comprehensive 12-month membership, our health coach and functional medicine team will meet with you regularly to join you in your journey and help you maximize your treatment plan.


Each Foundational Assessment Includes

Your Story 


This 90-minute appointment provides the space and time for you to tell your health story. Discovering the patterns and triggers of symptoms and life events that got you to where you are today. 

Blood Chemistry Analysis

There is a difference between "normal" lab results and "optimal" results. Understanding what optimal lab results mean for you and how to achieve balance in an amazing comprehensive report.

Action Plan


Included in the assessment is a detailed lifestyle action plan, a meet-and-greet appointment with our health coach, and a follow-up progress appointment with Lisa

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Get the support you need.

Long gone are the days of "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning"!

You will experience a ''partnership" with Lisa and her team. Your lifestyle treatment approach is based on your preferences and health goals.

We have developed some amazing resources to help you on this optimal health journey.

You are part of the discovery and planning as well as the implementation of your treatment approach. 

Direct messaging, Learning Libary videos, and supporting worksheets and handouts are all designed to support you. 


Knowledge is power!

I don't expect you to get a degree in medicine but become educated and understand the steps to optimize your health. I truly believe this will be your superpower to make good decisions for a lifetime. 

Learn the WHY and the HOW of how your body responds to stress and imbalance. You deserve a health care practitioner who is skilled in identifying subtle imbalances in lab work, teaching you WHY you are feeling less than optimal, and HOW to make customized changes in your life.



What's next after the Foundational Assessment Visit?

You can stop right here! There is no obligation to move forward with a transformative lifestyle membership plan. 

However, I have found that consistent support from me and my team along with active treatment planning is the best way to transform your health. 

We will discuss the steps needed to start active treatment in the private membership and all the benefits of membership. You may want to look at the membership features & benefits page here for more details. 

Not everyone is ready to start a functional medicine approach.

When is this the case? If we uncover an “acute” condition or test results that require further medical evaluation. Your current life circumstances don’t allow for the time and attention often required for transformative lifestyle changes. 

You may be invited to start the active treatment membership within 30 days of your Foundational Assessment visit.  


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