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Treatment Approach

Most people along with your health care providers, make the improper assumption that only the direct approach to treating your chronic health concerns and symptoms will fix the problem.
However, The “pill for an ill" approach focuses on one body system and not the Whole Person and often with temporary results. No ONE body system acts alone, and all body systems are influenced by imbalances in other areas of the body.
That is why I focus on balancing the foundation body systems that interact with each other (the GUT, the Adrenals, and Detox) and are often the ‘root’ cause of what is ailing you. THEN stacking or sequencing treatment in the proper order will give you the best chance at the best “you” possible.

We have developed the 4 C's for success at Solutions.

1) Consistency - crucial, as it allows for small but sustainable changes over time.

2) Commitment - essential, as it helps build resilience and perseverance

3) Communication -  helps us understand the unique needs of each member and provides a platform for accountability.

4) Community -  brings together like-minded individuals who can provide support, motivation, and inspiration.

The Gut

Hidden gut infections can block nutrient absorption causing a shortage of the building blocks for hormone production, including Serotonin, Thyroid and Energy Production

Intestinal permeability that leads to a “Leaky Gut” often makes your stress response jump into overdrive and decreases your natural intestinal defenses.

Adrenals & Thyroid

A Stress Response that is allowed to run wild, with no time to reset and rest will affect things like blood sugar, weight loss, thyroid hormones and yes, sex hormone production.

Detox & Liver

The Liver and Phase 1 & 2 Detoxification directly affect all body systems.

A backup of the Detoxification Process is often part of the root cause of imbalance.

Sex Hormones

1, 2, & 3 must be rebalanced first before you consider treating sex hormone imbalance.

Bioidentical choices are always the best choice for ideal balance.

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We’ll evaluate functional benefits with a detailed symptom evaluation called the MSQ (Medical Symptom Questionnaire). This will guide us through your progress and program.



Stress management is mission-critical in moving toward optimal health. Together, we will discover a stress management plan that works for you and monitor your symptoms and progress.



Each visit will give you time to ask all of your questions. Additionally, you’ll have access to a secure client communication method. You can reach out to us with your needs anytime, and we’ll check in between your appointments.



Movement is key to your health so we’ll establish your preferences and the time you have available for exercise. Together, we’ll track your progress toward your healthy goals.



Supplements can help support a body system that isn’t working its best. Your supplement plan will be specific and purposeful during your program, and we’ll monitor the effects and adjust as needed at each visit.



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