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Solutions Functional Medicine

Solutions Functional Medicine Centre was founded by Lisa Srnka, Family Nurse Practitioner.

It is our mission to restore each individual to their optimal state of health. To do that, we partner with you to create individualized holistic treatment plans that focus on your health goals and personal lifestyle preferences.  With a Therapeutic Order of Treatment, a systems-based approach to long-lasting transformative better health. 

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About The Solutions Team

Lisa Srnka, NP, IFMCP

I grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Erie, PA to be exact; we had gorgeous summers on the lake and brutal bone-chilling winters. I raised my two boys in Erie and they too benefited from the small-town community and family. My last name Srnka (pronounced Sirnka) is Slovak in heritage and means “ little deer”.

I started my nursing career in Erie with a diverse background in acute care medicine. ICU, PACU, Infection Control, and then later management. A story my mother likes to share: on a day she had a bad headache, at age 3, I announced to my mother, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of my brother!” I then put a dripping wet cloth on her forehead. What can I say, nursing is in the genes.

As a Nurse Practitioner, my hospice and palliative care experience taught me some incredible listening skills. Being with a person as they journey to the end of their life was profound and taught me how to listen with purpose and help them with their wishes.

Like most Functional Medicine Practitioners with a traditional medicine training background, a personal health experience led me to seek out another healthcare path.

Rupali Shah Lubchansky, FMCHC, CPT, CNC, CGFI

Rupali Shah Lubchansky is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and the owner of The Balanced Human, LLC. Her passions are food, fitness, and mindset, and she works with clients on habit change for weight loss, movement, sleep, and stress management.

Of all the spokes on the health and wellness wheel, what speaks to her the most is that age does not define you. Rupali is a real believer in the ability to change your body and mind at any age, and has found working with women over 40 one of the most rewarding aspects of coaching. Her clients have told her that trying to "do it all" can be so overwhelming, but working with her has provided them with support, accountability, and a sense of control to find balance in their lives.

Her own health journey fueled the sparks even more. In the past few years, Rupali had reversed some severe chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, that runs in her family. She was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2003, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 2020, which she is managing with lifestyle changes.

She comes from a Project and Business Development background, having worked in Architecture and Construction industry for 21 years. While also managing her family life and working full-time at a stressful job, Rupali's health suffered. In February 2020, she decided to leave her career and make a big change. She enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and this is when she found her true calling. As a self-proclaimed "people person," she found the mix of learning about her clients and the health world to be the perfect marriage to build a new career. By the Fall of 2020, she started her own business and has been working with her clients to develop their own wellness goals.

Her other certifications include NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, NASM Behavior Change Specialist, and NASM Weight Loss Specialist.
She is extremely passionate about healthy cooking, fitness, and preventative medicine. It is possible to be a former "couch potato" and transform your life - she knows because she was one.

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