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Describe the exact moment you knew your symptoms were improving after working with Lisa and her team.


When I started losing weight…without exercising. I was not able to lose, even eating healthy and doing 10,000+ steps a day.


About a week into consistently taking my supplements and staying away from everything I needed to. Every morning for two years had been a struggle to even get out of bed. My children would normally wake me up in the morning and I couldn’t even get out of bed. One morning I woke up all on my own and got out of bed.


I realized one day that I hadn't had any episodes of anxiety at all. I had started to feel like myself again.


What would you say to a friend who is on the fence about trying a functional/holistic medicine approach?


If I had a friend on the fence about functional medicine, I would tell them my story about how over the course of 18 months I went to my doctor on three separate occasions and explained about my upset stomach and joint pain. I would tell them that they told me it was menopause, possibly the start of arthritis or lyme disease. None of which was the answer. I would tell them that a functional approach is the best way to find out how each individual body works and that food is medicine. I would also tell them that we can look around at individuals in our family and some of our friends and to ask them about their health. Many of them take the same medications. Many of them struggle with diabetes and blood pressure issues. I would ask them if they want to end up like others . . . on the merry go round of medications. If not. Try functional medicine. Get off the merry go round and choose life.


Don’t think about it, just do it. You won’t regret it. You will finally get the healing you’ve been wanting. You will start to get your life back.


Medical lab tests, conversations with Lisa, changing habits, food restrictions, & review of additional supplements are all useful methods while attempting to improve health


How was your experience with Lisa and the Solutions Team from your typical experience in a doctor’s office?

Lisa is personable, listens well and cares about OVERALL holistic health specific to individual needs of your body.


A visit with Lisa is quite different from a typical doctor's office visit. She really listens to the whole story and history of your health and creates a plan to identify and treat the root of the problem, not a plan to just treat symptoms.


She is wonderful to work with and has the time of day for all of her patients. She answers your messages promptly and is there for you.


The medical doctor has seen my lipids very high, and wanted to give me cholesterol pills. My weight going up to obese and I received diet pills, Chronic migraines & fatigue, Anxiety & Depression…more pills. They never got to the root of the WHY. I had no quality of life. Lisa started with tests I have NEVER had before… no one ever checked my stool, those urine tests and spit! Lisa confirmed what I thought all along…Hormone imbalances, when I was chronically fatigued, liver & gut issues, . After 4 months with Lisa, I was able to get off my Emgality injections without my migraines getting worse. Now I am wearing off my Amitriptyline for my migraines and depression. I have HOPE that I will be off them in a couple more months. I am having more energy and the brain fog is GONE!!! I am able to concentrate and focus now.


I can’t thank you enough for the support you have given to me over the past 2 years. To think that I have gone from 275lbs in April 2022 when we first started and am now sitting in my goal range, since May 2023, at 185lbs is mind-blowing. You have helped me learn so much about my body: hormones, gut health, histamine intolerance, genetic vulnerabilities, and the reason for my chronic UTIs. I am off blood pressure pills, no longer have sleep apnea, and have enough energy to walk several miles every day with a very busy Siberian Husky.  It is simply incredible.  Thank you for being a huge part of my success.

-Julie D.

Great experience working with Lisa and her team. I learned so much and felt that I was given plenty of time at appointments and taken seriously. I also developed a sense of hope and self-efficacy throughout my journey that was not previously there. I would highly recommend working with Lisa to improve not only your health but overall wellbeing!

-Alyssa M.