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Features and Benefits

You feel lousy. And I suspect that this has been going on for a while. Your health journey started years ago and many life events, symptoms, and experiences got you to where you are today. The point is that all of this did not happen overnight.

A membership approach to transforming your health has proven to provide long-lasting change.


We have developed the 4 Cs for success at Solutions.

1) Consistency - crucial, as it allows for small but sustainable changes over time.

2) Commitment - essential, as it helps build resilience and perseverance.

3) Communication -  helps us understand the unique needs of each member and provides a platform for accountability.

4) Community -  brings together like-minded individuals who can provide support, motivation, and inspiration.

Our treatment membership provides all that you need to succeed.

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Our Treatment Plans

Foundational Assessment

  • A 90-minute-deep dive into your story
  • Optimal Blood Chemistry report
  • Body Balance Evaluation and Score
  • A 30-day action plan
  • A meet and greet session with my health coach and emotional coach
  • You may be invited to start the active treatment membership within 30-90 days of your Initial Foundational Visit



You get to tell your story, how you have been suffering, what you have tried so far and what your wishes and dreams are when you get your health back.



You may have heard “Your blood work is normal” but you still feel lousy.

I will look at your traditional blood work through a functional medicine lens and give you a different perspective on your overall health. Understanding the connection between the body systems and how blood tests can tell us if your body is optimized. You will get a detailed report about your blood work with insights to health and wellness and exactly what they mean. Many of my clients have told me this report alone is worth the visit.



Functional medicine is unique in that it looks at how the body systems work together and are they working together smoothly. We will use many tools to evaluate the balance of your body and you will get a Body Balance score and a detailed report to tell you where your body is most out of balance. You will get a comprehensive report from the Living Matrix intake forms. I promise it will be the most thorough report of your medical history from birth to today.



You will get a lifestyle plan that will help you start the journey of learning and healing your body. You will have recommendations for Food, Sleep, Movement and Stress as well as supplement recommendations based on your blood tests results.


You will be sent a meet-n-greet video from both my health coach and emotional coach. Each of them will talk about the benefits and FAQs about working with them to achieve your goals.


What’s next after the Foundational Assessment?

We will discuss the steps needed to start active treatment in the private membership and all the benefits of membership.


Solutions Functional Medicine Centre Membership Program**


Membership enrollment is after the Foundational Assessment Visit. A comprehensive 90-minute evaluation of your health history, patterns, triggers, and life events along with blood serum evaluation. At this visit, we discuss what the estimated treatment timeline will be based on your health goals. 

This is a partial disclosure of the membership; full disclosure is given before enrollment.


MEMBERSHIP Features and Benefits

  • 60 minutes dedicated private treatment planning sessions with Lisa, 6 sessions per year. 
  • 30-minute planning sessions with the Lifestyle coach 6/sessions per year
  • HeartMath HRV Monitoring – 3 sessions per year (Heart Rate Variability training) coming soon
  • Personalized nutraceutical protocol adjusted regularly to meet needs 
  • Personalized therapeutic food plans to improve health outcomes  
  • Nurse practitioner supported weaning of prescription medications as applicable
  • Monthly / Live Open Office Hour Discussions with Lisa and the Solutions Team (in-person and online)
  • Advanced functional medicine test recommendations (cost of kit not included)**
  • Video lab interpretation of any testing performed (password protected)
  • Secure HIPPA priority messaging in the Member portal (M-F)
  • Access to private member’s only chat group.
  • 25% discount on medical grade nutraceuticals (Supplement monthly costs are separate and can range from $50-$250 per month)
  • Affiliate discounts from participating businesses 
  • Free access to the Learning Library videos


Option to ADD ON additional appointments at 20% discounted of service prices.







** Monthly membership to enroll in active treatment planning requires a 12-month commitment for consistency and planning. 

** Estimated Advanced Functional medicine test kit costs: Adrenal $150-$250, Stool testing $425-$475, Organic Acids(energy) $425. Disclosure of Cost will be given to you before any testing and the lab companies can set up payment plans.